Ryan O’Neil Knight

Sir Ryan O’Neil Knight is the upcoming co-author of the book “I Wanna Be an Entrepreneur WHERE THE HECK DO I START" and is the founder and President of the Detailing Knights. The Detailing Knights provide mobile car cleaning to clients at their homes or offices while reducing water waste by 99%.

Their student franchising model has brought the Detailing Knights global awareness as they were the first auto detailing company in the world to be certified as a B Corporation. Due to their innovative business model and focus on youth employment they have been featured in numerous media spot lights such as with Matt Galloway on CBC's Metro Morning and a past winner of the Toronto Region Board of Trade Emerging Entrepreneur Award. Sir Ryan is not shy to talk about how Entrepreneurship has helped him overcome many barriers such as his run in with the law during his youth and his every day battles with mental illness. He has now become an advocate for using Entrepreneurship as a training tool to develop future leaders with his public speaking and the upcoming book.

With an unwavering passion for eliminating youth unemployment Ryan has made it his mission to empower youth to create their own opportunities despite any barriers that they may face. Ryan spends his spare time volunteering for local community organizations such as Skills for Change and speaking at high schools and detention centres.